More than a quarter century providing solid legal advice.

Vast experience in business and real estate trials and transactions.

A solid reputation for tough yet practical solutions.

No matter how big or small the matter, we treat each case the same – 100% care, attention, and devotion. We believe that in
order to be effective in our representation, every call, email, and fax must be returned promptly.

How can we help you?

Fisher Law Corporation provides legal services in all aspects of real estate development; sales and acquisitions; land use; leasing; and litigation.

Typical matters we routinely handle include adverse possession; boundary and property line disputes; partition actions; easements; covenants that run with the land; title insurance issues; zoning; fraud; and so much more. From American Disabilities Act to Zoning, and most everything in between, Fisher Law Corporation is the firm of choice for those who seek the best representation.

Fisher Law Corporation provides all types of business services for all types of business clients, from individuals to large corporations.

Mr. Fisher is considered by his peers as an expert in the secured collateral lending field. Mr. Fisher has represented scores of pawnbrokers, title pawn, auto pawn, pay day lenders and other consumer lenders in every aspect of their business, from forming their businesses (incorporations, LLCs, LPs, GPs, etc.), preparing leases, buy-sell agreements, stock purchase agreements, warrants, options, and other on-going business agreements for collateral lenders, to representing them in licensing and operational issues including police holds and seizures. Mr. Fisher is a member of the Collateral Loan and Secondhand Dealers Association which actively promotes the image of, and laws relating to, collateral lenders. Mr. Fisher represents these businesses in litigation issues arising out of the UCC and Financial Code, as well as in administrative hearings (licensing, police commission, and related administrative remedies.)

Typical matters we routinely handle include business litigation; business buy-sale; mergers and acquisitions; labor and employment disputes and contracts; licensing issues; contracts; and most other matters that arise in connection with the ownership or operation of a business. From Assessments to Zero Tolerance Policies, and most everything in between, Fisher Law Corporation is the firm of choice for those who seek the best representation.

From negotiated resolutions to verdicts, Fisher Law Corporation has a long track record of success for the clients we have served.

“Laws should be like clothes.

They should be made to fit the people they are meant to serve.”

—Clarence Darrow

Fisher Law Corporation is licensed to practice law before all Federal and State courts within the State of California, the District of Columbia, and the United States Supreme Court. David S. Fisher has been admitted pro hac vice in the States of Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.