Success Stories

“ In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between
large and small problems,
for issues concerning people
are all the same.”

—Albert Einstein

Just a few success stories to share from Fisher Law Corporation’s files.

Negotiated Resolutions

A local pawnshop owner was faced with a lawsuit by a borrower who claimed that the loans, in the millions of dollars, were not actually pawn loans, and were therefore usurious and unenforceable. The pawnshop faced not only the possibility of losing its loans, but also having to repay treble interest and legal fees. Fisher Law Corporation (FLC) was able to obtain a favorable settlement in which the borrower dropped all claims and litigation, and agreed to repay the pawnshop back in full, plus interest.

A doctor loaned a half million dollars to a business venture that never got off the ground. The defendants claimed that the loan was an investment and that the doctor had to share in the losses of the business venture. When pressed to repay the loan, the defendants asserted that they were insolvent and would file for bankruptcy. FLC obtained a settlement that included a repayment plan for the full investment. In addition, we were able to show that defendants had commingled funds in an unrelated publishing business. As part of the settlement, the publishing business agreed to publish monthly full page advertisements for the doctor’s practice which was worth six figures.

A pawnbroker wanted to make a $2.25M loan to a borrower using the borrower’s stock interest in a private insurance company as collateral. This was a complex and non-standard pawn loan, which involved complex securities and bankruptcy issues. If the pawnbroker could not make the loan, the borrower stood to lose his millions of dollars in foreclosure. FLC tackled complex securities and bankruptcy issues to close the deal, thus avoiding impending foreclosure.

A husband and wife purchased a large home in the San Fernando Valley. After moving into the home, they discovered that the foundation had severe cracks and movement. The husband and wife sued the soils engineers, the property inspector, the listing agent, and the sellers for breach of contract, fraud and other claims related to their failure to disclose structural defects. The case settled after FLC obtained insurance company records which disclosed that the property had suffered severe structural damage in the Northridge Earthquake, and that the owners had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance proceeds. The case was settled in the six figures.


As a third year law student, under the supervision of a licensed attorney, Mr. Fisher tried his first jury trial in which he represented the owner of a commercial building against a restaurant-tenant, who owed over $300,000.00 in rent. The tenant claimed that the owner constructively evicted the tenant by failing to provide adequate facilities. Tackling a veteran litigator head-on, Mr. Fisher obtained a jury verdict for the entire amount of past-due rent plus legal fees.

A California licensed attorney was being sued for malpractice when he missed a deadline to file a lawsuit on behalf of his client. Prior to seeking our representation, the attorney had already admitted to his client that he breached his contract with his client. Proving that the attorney’s client had not suffered any damages, FLC successfully obtained a defense verdict.

A corporation was sued by a disgruntled shareholder who claimed that the corporation and its directors were guilty of fraud and mismanagement in allegedly failing to pay the shareholder his respective interest in profits, and dividends. The shareholder’s suit sought damages in the seven figures. FLC not only obtained a defense verdict for his client, but in addition, obtained a judgment against the shareholder for approximately ¾ of a million dollars despite the fact that the corporation did not even file a cross-complaint.

A general contractor whose business is hospitality (hotels) construction and renovation sued a hotel owner for millions of dollars for unpaid change orders and retention. The hotel cross-complained against the general contractor and approximately 25 subcontractors, alleging breach of contract and negligence, claiming that the work was substandard. FLC obtained a favorable judgment in which the general contractor received all his money plus fees and costs.

A California couple moved to Utah as a result of a job transfer. They purchased a home in an exclusive neighborhood south of Salt Lake City. When they moved into the home, the walls were brackish and yellowish. After scrubbing the walls, the couple became very ill. Through litigation, FLC learned that the home was owned by a scientist who used depleted uranium in his home-based business. FLC obtained a judgment against the scientist, which, at that time, was one of the largest verdicts in Utah.