“Whenever men take the law into their own hands, the loser is the law. And when the law loses, freedom languishes.”

—Robert Kennedy

Fisher Law Corporation offers a broad scope of business services.

Business Transactions

Are you looking to start a new business? Should you conduct business as a sole proprietor, a general partnership, a limited liability company, a limited liability partnership, a corporation, or other form? What are the differences in organization, taxes and operation? Do you need help forming a nonprofit corporation? Are there licensing issues with local, state or federal authorities? Are there zoning issues that restrict your business? When and were do you have to file a Fictitious Business Name statement? How do you ensure that your interest in the business is protected against creditors? What should you look out for when negotiating a new lease for your business? Should you set up your business in California, Nevada, Delaware, New Mexico or elsewhere? These are just a few of the many considerations that you will be faced with when starting a new business. Let us guide you through the myriad decisions and requirements you will encounter.

Are you having problems with your existing business? Do you have a partner that is not pulling his or her weight? Are you over-extended with creditors? Is your board of directors deadlocked? Is your landlord uncooperative? Are you seeking financing to keep your business operating? Are you trying to secure lines of credit, or modify existing lines? Has the City or County cited you for Code violations? Are you trying to

find investors for your business? Do you need help maintaining your corporate records? How do you dissolve your corporation, LLC or LLP?  What are you liable for after you close your doors? What if your partners/shareholders don’t want to close down business but you do? When do you have to provide a bulk sales notice? Do you have a buy-sale provision in your shareholders’ agreement? Should you? Do you  have an exit strategy if your business fails?

We can counsel you on these and many more matters.

Business Litigation

Are you being sued or wanting to sue someone? Is your partner stealing from you? Is a City, State or Federal agency seeking fines, penalties and/or damages? Are you being sued by a bank, lender or creditor? Do you need to collect a debt or obtain a judgment against someone. Have you been defrauded? Are your wages being garnished? Is someone seeking a writ of attachment against you? Do you need representation in defending your trademarks and service marks? Has an insurance company denied your claim?

Fisher Law Corporation combines zealous litigation with practical solutions and delivers winning results time and time again.

Representative Areas of Practice in Business Law

Administrative Hearings
Bulk Sales

Collaterized Loans
Debt Collection
Limited Liability Companies

Limited Liability Partnerships
Provisional Directors

Secured Transactions
Unsecured loans